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#12451   2008-03-30 14:12 GMT      
If you experience this "Authentication error" code=302 check you have done the following:

1. Confirm your ESEkeyfile.xml file is in your ...tacticalops\system\ Directory
2. Make sure you open the ESE Account Manager.exe and go to 'Settings' and manually select the path of your tacticalops.exe file (this will then locate the Keyfile automatically)

If you still experience this authentication error (normally by trying to register an account) it means you have registered too many times and exceeding the limit of 3 accounts!
You can rectify this issue by replacing your ESEKeyfile.xml in to your ...TacticalOps\System\ directory and the Account Manager will find your old username(s) registered. You will then be able to login via the control panel and update, install client as necessary.

If you are banned - tough luck
If you have lost/misplaced/deleted your ESEkeyfile.xml then you must pay 5.50 euros as notified on our website prior to the download!


"ESE Update 8"If you loose your Keyfile and want restore it back: It cost you 5,50 EURO via PayPal. (50Cent are Fees of PayPal).
PayPaladdress is:
INCLUDE in the Headline of PayPal your PUID and AccName or we don't know who paid.

We warned more than enough (news, Readme, and so on) that you have to backup your ESEKeyfile.xml (located where your TacticalOps.exe is).

If someone can't follow this easy instruction - it's fault of the User - not our.
We do NOT delet any Keyfile, because they are included in a Complicated System.
We were friendly enough the last days, that we did it for free but all request that we get after 18:00 CET today will cost some money

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