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If your anti-virus protection shows ESE as harmful, packer, high risk, do not worry. This is not a virus, trojan or malware warning!

The reason behind this warning is due to the high level of encryption used to pack and protect our software, which virus scanners can not read. So they warn you, the client of the possible danger. However I stress, this is not a virus or trojan warning. We are working with such Anti-virus companies to get these removed from the virus definition files (VDF).

Note: ESE IS ONLY an anticheat software.

from Xian

Just like Anti-Spyware/Adware scans ONLY for spyware and just like AntiVirus checks only for viruses/worms and like Firewalls block only unwanted traffic, so does ESE check only for cheats.

AntiTCC and SafeGame check your prefetch folder. BUT THEY ONLY SCAN WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR and that is only certain files that harbor cheats. Same with ESE. It only checks for cheats in the memory and/or TO folder. Nothing more.

Don't confuse ESE with PB. PB is widely know for being intrusive, from the old story that it scans ALL files on your PC and sends them to the site if they match a pattern to checking your Messenger conversations in search for any cheat or hack pattern.

ESE is not a "desperate" anticheat. It scans only what is suspicious and only in certain RESTRICTED parts.

They are free to not use ESE if a server allows it. But they should know (and so should everyone else) that ESE DOES NOT STEAL PERSONAL INFORMATION. Hardware bans are based on hashes. ESE DOES NOT STORE any serials, cd keys or anything like that. IT DOES NOT read PINs, accounts, passwords (other than the ESE key) or any love letters\death threats. Nor does it store them somewhere on a server.

The only "major" information is your IP that is read by the TO server and stored in the log file. Just like normal TO or UT and how TOST did it so far.

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