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#12558   2008-04-01 19:30 GMT      
At present ESE only works on Windows Operating System(s), inclusive of:-

    1. Windows Seven (32 & 64bit)
    2. Windows Vista (32 & 64bit)
    3. Windows XP (32 & 64bit)
    4. Windows 2000
    5. Windows 98

ESE is 98% compatible with all Vista and XP versions (ultimate, professional etc..) and should work as intended, however there are a few issues small problems creating headaches.

As for Mac and Linux users, unfortunately due to time constraints of continual bug fixes and updates necessary for Windows users alone, there is no built in support, however serveradmins have the choice as to whether they can play with yellow icon to show they are connected without ESE (mode = Forcesupported)

The 4 in-game server options are:-
No ESE (for everyone)
ESE Forced for all (means linux/mac users can not play)
ESE forced for supported OS's only (in our case windows) ( mac/linux can play without)
Optional for all

The status may change in future for linux & mac support however at present we cannot make any promises - sorry for any inconvenience

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