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#17269   2009-03-20 22:53 GMT      
- Do not attempt to cheat on an ESE protected server

- Do not test new cheats on an ESE protected server

- Do not attempt to hack or bypass any ESE client, server or 3rd party software

Disobeying any of the above rules will result in an immediate GLOBAL BAN from all ESE-Protected Servers.

* The ESE team has it's own dedicated staff to test cheats.

If you believe you know or you've found a cheat/ hack/ illegal tweak that is not known by ESE, please email it to

Note. ONLY .zip or .rar archive file-types are accepted
All other extensions are automatically deleted by the mail server.

Do NOT post cheats on public forums, nor ask for them! Otherwise you will be banned also.

Extract from License Agreement:

5. Any modification, decompilation, disassembling and/or any type of reverse engineering of the ESE-Software is strictly forbidden.
Any attempts to
- change the software
- manipulate itself or its data exchange with players or servers, or
- bypass the Software for the purpose of cheating
lead to an immediate cancellation of the right to use said software and might be followed by civil and legal actions.

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