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#22088   2010-01-16 18:30 GMT      
Old ESEKeyfile.xml which were created before 17.03.2008, MUST BE DELETED before playing.

This would apply to anyone whom has created an account 1.5 years ago and has been inactive since, or those whom made a backup copy of their keyfile prior to this date. These keyfiles are nolonger valid and will result in problems.

How to check?
Right click on the ESEKeyFile.xml, go to 'properties' and check if the 'date created' is before 17.03.2008 or not. If so delete the file.. if not keep it!

Some People lost their Keyfile.
Some People forgot their Password
Some People left AoT
Some Clans left AoT
The old RegServer created some incorrect Entries, which are now fixed in latter editions.
So it was decided we start with a fresh, clean Database from 17.03.2008 and onwards.
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