TacticalOps 3.5 Serverpackage with TOST4420
Author: ESETeam
Submitted by: Thor   Date: 2010-05-02 12:00
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1.   Posted by FeTc   2012-02-27 02:06  

a question if anyone still can see it here.. how can i update my tost??

2.   Posted by Oleg96   2013-07-04 15:31  

its all files for server or not?

3.   Posted by idNz   2016-09-12 16:12  

Your 'solution' for ServerCrashFix is not a solution at all. You simply asked to remove the plugin which is useful to stop many server crash exploits.

The server is TOST44 ready, to make it ESE ready you´ll have to update TOST to the newest version(>=4424)!

This is a TO-Server for TacticalOps3.5 with TOST44420.
please read the Readme !

known Problems:

Problem: "/System/ucc-bin: No such file or directory."
Solution: install the ia32-libs

Problem: "Critical: Can't bind to native class ServerCrashFix_v11.SCFNative"
Solution: uncommand following line in the server.ini
; ServerActors=ServerCrashFix_v11.SCFActor

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Download : TO350Server with TOST4420
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